Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I Digress!!!

I've always wanted to use the line, 'I digress' but never had a good reason to use it until now.  When I noted the date of my last post, I have to admit that I was pretty embarrassed.  Where has time gone?  I thought about taking the chicken way out and offering all kinds of excuses but honestly...I don't have one except that I've just been so caught up in this fast-paced journey of life that I've hardly taken time to do the things that I really love.

After such a long hiatus, I've come to realize a few things.  One, I need accountability partners to keep me on the blogger straight and narrow.  (I have avoidance and procrastination issues.) The second thing I've discovered is that blogging is all about sharing creatively from your heart.   I tend to over think the whole blogging thing and end up becoming my own worse critic. So, I solemly promise to take the leap no matter how intimidated I may feel. (You all are a tough group to follow.) I'll make every effort to peek my head out now and again. Especially now...as we're nearing a wonderful jazz festival season.

So, bear with me...

Writing and All that Jazz...Take Two!!


  1. Hi Syrone! I've been doing a bit of blog-hopping this evening, so I'm not really sure how I landed here, but I'm glad I did! Wow! You have avoidance and procrastination issues??!! I love that! I think those two things are pretty big in my life, too....plus add to that: perfectionism...to a degree! Maybe it's the Writer in us?? Anyway, I'm happy to "meet" you! P.S. Don't worry about how much blogging time you do or don't have. We all go through that. I'm on a...what's turned into a "sort of" blog break! I miss it, so I AM posting a thing or two, and stopping at a couple of blogs, but not spending near as much time as I used to. I'm getting my book completed first...then my gift to myself, besides having the book finished, is getting back to blogging...for a few days! Have a wonderful weekend. I'm a new follower!

  2. Oops, I just noticed you don't have a Follower Gadget!

  3. Hi Becky,
    It's good to know that I'm not alone in my procrastination. I don't think it's writer's block, but I just feel unmotivated at times. What are you writing? Are you just about finished? I have a follow button now, so you can follow me. Nice to meet you!

  4. Hi Syrone! Thank you for stopping and commenting on my blog today,too! And I so agree with you about feeling unmotivated at times. THAT'S the main reason I don't write as often as maybe I "should." But I gotta do what works for me, right?! :)
    I finished my memoir in November of 2012. Its title is: From Pigtails to Chin Hairs: A Memoir & More. I hope it will be out within in the next couple of months. After a couple of roadblocks and decision changes, I'm going with a local publisher, Bluebird Publishing. I can hardly wait to see my memoir be an actual book! Thanks again for stopping at my blog and for leaving me a comment here, too! And I'm glad you have a Follow Button now!

  5. Your book sounds awesome. My twin and I are still seeking to get our book published. It was completed awhile back. It's a tough journey to navigate when you don't know the ropes. I'm determined to push through the procrastination and take the time to write on a more regular basis. I just don't know what it is that's fueling the laziness. Congratulations on having your book published. I would love to check it out when it's available.