Monday, May 10, 2010

Hot sauce and long lost friends!

On Saturday, Hubby and I did something I really enjoy...we went treasure hunting. Actually, we went yard saleing, but to me it felt just like hunting for buried treasure. But, there's a method to shopping yard sales which often requires patience and getting your hands a little dirty. Hubby loves bargains, but hates getting his hands dirty. So, while I'm oohing and aahing over my unusual finds, like a double cheeseburger lamp, or a 1500 piece candy apple puzzle, he's usually leaned up against a tree with this look on his face that reads, "Are you done YET?" I toss him a little grin and beg for just a few more minutes. It's like being a kid in a candy store. I usually head back to the car gripping my find of the day. I'm so thankful that my guy loves me enough to humor me. Oh not that he comes away empty handed though. On quite a few occasions, he's uncovered some treasures of his own.(Today it was a brand new electric car buffer for $15.00)

We ended up at a moving sale where this nice older couple was getting rid of everything because they were relocating out of state. They were selling everything that wasn't bolted down. Although there were plenty of dishes and other knick knacks, I had my eyes peeled for something that I "just HAD to have." It took a few minutes but I found it, a plastic container filled with bottles of hot sauce. There were a ton (exaggeration)of different types of hot sauces. It even contained a book on hot sauce collecting. Even better, the price was $3.00! Hubby recognized the look in my eyes and dug out the $3.00 and the man was thrilled to know that his sauces were going to a good home.

Our next stop offered a variety of items. I was impressed that the sellers were trying to raise money for a mission trip to Africa. I was determined to find something to provide my support. Instead, I discovered one of the sellers was a long lost friend. Two weeks earlier, I had thought about her and even did an online search to try to find her but came up empty. Anyway, we were both so glad to see one another. It had been about 10 years since we'd last caught up. We chatted for awhile as Hubby leaned patiently against a fence. It was so good to catch up with her! After exchanging phone numbers and promising to stay in touch, we headed back to the car. Even though I didn't actually buy anything, I felt as if I had discovered the biggest treasure of all- rekindled friendship; and it didn't cost a thing.

It was a great yard sale kind of day. I ended up with a box full of hot sauce, (I have no idea what I'm going to do with all of them) and a heart brimming with friendship.

Do you yard sale? I would love to hear about your adventures and your greatest find.


  1. You can always regift it. That's some yummy looking hot sauce! The little ones are so cute. They'd fit good in your purse.

    I also loved the treasure of finding a long lost friend. That's even better than a bargain!

  2. One of my friends who LOVE hot sauce would always carry around a small bottle in her purse when she goes out... just in case she needs to add that extra oomph to her food. :)

    Great find! I wish we have yard sales here...

  3. Successful day....I can't wait to get back to States and yard sales. They don't exist here exactly on Saturdays along the river people sell stuff but not furniture etc... to far to haul.

  4. I never seem to find the great things other people do when they do yard sales. I think I give up to easily!
    Reconnecting with an old friend is the best find!

  5. SCORE!

    I haven't yard saled in years, but I plan to this summer!!! YAY

  6. I used to go to yard sales all the time. Then all of the "older" relatives in my family either started passing on or moving on and I began to inherit house fulls of yard sale stuff! Now I'm the one having the yard sale.

    Cool story about meeting up with your long-lost friend who you had just tried to contact a few weeks before. Funny where life takes us...

  7. My daughter is planning to initiate me into learning the art of yard-saling...can't wait to find some treasures! OX

  8. Garage sales are the best! I have scored some serious loot over the years. I only wish I knew more about antiques when I was in my 20s-- cuz I know I left some fabulous stuff on the curb :-)