Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dishwasher Fish

Today, in our local newspaper, Mary Hunt, (the Bargain Queen) featured a recipe for fish fillets cooked in the dishwasher.  Maybe it's just me but I read the recipe 5 times and still couldn't get rid of the "Ewwww!" feeling. She claims that the recipe is a money and time saver since the fish literally bakes while the dishes are washing. Even though the fish is completed foil wrapped, I can't imagine cooking fish with its own funky odor, with a batch of gross, dirty dishes.  My mom often used the term, "nice, nasty."  I think the dishwasher fish fillets would easily win the award for being "nice, nasty."  If anyone has tried it, or is daring enough to try it, please let me know. Who knows, while it might not seem practical, it sure kills two birds with one stone.

To celebrate Wacky Wednesday, I have decided to add a few of my practical and not so practical ways to diet and/or lose weight. Disclaimer: I have not personally tried  these ideas.  They could pose a hazard.

1. A dog is your best friend in more ways than one.  They take sharing to a whole new level. Favorite cookie? Humongous cheeseburger?  Take a gigantic bite, then offer a bite to your dog. (Be careful and keep your fingers out of the way.) Once Fido has finished munching on his bite, it's your turn.  By the way, while Fido is munching, let your thoughts wander to the many other things you've seen your dog's tongue lick. It's a guarantee that you won't want that next bite.

2. The 5 second rule?  Let's increase this to the 20 second rule.  You're eating a double scoop ice cream and   the ice cream accidentally topples to the ground. Count slowly to 20.  Are you daring enough to pick it up and eat it?  Just make sure you get a few good licks in beforehand.

3. Plate size, spoon size and serving size...they really make a huge difference when it comes to portion control. Do you serve with a tablespoon or a teaspoon?  Try using a teaspoon instead.  Smaller plates can also reduce portion size.  Only get what you can fit on the plate. Piling is not allowed.

4.  For this one, you'll need to borrow a kid. (Preferably)  You're ready to chow down on a calorie laden slice of cheesecake.  It's okay to have a bite or two before the borrowed kid conveniently  sneezes or coughs on your slice of cheesecake.  You'll think twice about wanting more.

Like I said, these are practical or not so practical...okay most are not so practical but at least they'll give you an chance to consider whether you want to move forward with the next bite.  More tips next week.

Do you have any practical or not so practical tips to share?


  1. Hee Hee all good ideas and I'm totally grossed out by most...but I need to drop some lbs. and they all would work. Have a wonderful Thursday!

  2. I've heard that fish idea before and it grosses me out too. I don't think you could seal that package tight enough! As for diet plans, I'm in need of one. Maybe just thinking about these things would do the trick!

  3. That's similar to cooking food on your car engine while you travel long distances. There's even a cookbook out that shows you how!

  4. You are right, the dishwasher fish recipe is wrong on every level. Yikes, you are the first to tell me about it.

  5. I find having to write down everything I eat helps a lot!

  6. On the rare occasion I exercise restraint-- I go by the 3 bite rule-- I eat anything I want but only eat 3 bites.

    LOVE the dog idea :-)