Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mismatched Shoes

I think I've become way too busy.  Have you ever eaten something and then later realized you didn't even remember tasting it?  Lately, that's been my life in a nutshell.  This weekend, Hubby and I went to Las Vegas.  It was a blast, but I never had the chance to relax and kick back. Hubby had a bowling tournament, so I spent every possible moment cheering him on. Anyway, instead of returning refreshed, I felt exhausted and totally stressed.  I knew I  had to play catch-up.  With the magazine deadline looming around the corner, I had a lot on my plate.

So, yesterday I threw together my outfit, and grabbed a pair of loafers.  (I wasn't going to wear heels since I tend to be clumsy when tired.)  Anyway, I went through the paces of a busy but productive day.  By the evening, I was more than ready to kick off my shoes and relax.  I looked down and was mortified to discover that I was wearing mismatched shoes.  Kudos that they were both black, but one was shiny and textured while the other was a more casual styled loafer.  I have no idea why I didn't hone in on the difference in the way the shoes felt.  What bugs me the most though is the fact that no one commented about it or brought it to my attention. Maybe they figured I couldn't decide which shoes to wear so I decided to wear both.

Either way, from now on, I'm going to make sure my shoes match.

In honor of Wacky Wednesday, I wanted to add another not so practical weight loss tip- Colorize your food.  Each day select a different food color to follow.  For example, yellow day would be, banana squash, corn on the cob, bananas etc...Once you get the hang of it, you can always try mixing colors.  Have a color themed and yellow, (carrots and bananas), green and white, (spinach and turnips).  Be creative.  One more practical/not-so-practical weight loss tip- freezer foods.  Anything you love can be eaten straight from the freezer.  (This is especially good on a warm day.)  Take a piece of your favorite pizza or cake, freeze it, and when you have a craving, pluck it out of the freezer and eat it as is.  There's something about eating frozen can't pig out.

Lastly, when you go to a restaurant, it's perfectly okay to ask for a doggy bag before you start eating.  Take half of the meal and immediately place it in the doggy bag for later.  I've never tried this tip, but others have made this suggestion and think it's pretty cool.

Please tell me that I'm not alone with unconscious, embarrassing moments.  I'd love to hear about it.


  1. I've done the shoe thing! A few years ago I had to go into a meeting at work in the evening. We were all sitting around in a circle, when I happened to glance down and realize I had 2 different shoes on. In my defense - the shoes were identical, but one was black and one was brown. However - you could see they were different! I decided it was best to laugh, so I pointed it out, and we all had a laugh about it!
    I've done the doggie bag thing. It works well!
    Have a good day Syrone, and try to get some rest this weekend. :)

  2. Mismatched shoes-- Haven't done that but I have been so distracted that I left the house in my slippers.

    Hope you get a chance to catch your breath and relax this weekend.


  3. Maybe no one noticed it. Or either that, they were admiring your fashion statement.

    You're not alone. I have days that turn into weeks like that. Hopefully, yours is short lived.

  4. Oh my! I feel awful about the fact you are so stressed but I can't stop laughing!!! You totally put a smile on my face.

    Thanks for the weight loss tips. I used to ask for a doggy bag at the beginning of the meal but I haven't done that for a while. I need to get back into the groove. Thanks for the motivation!

  5. Thank you for stopping over at my blog. Sorry about the shoes, I know that I would have told you, I always tell people because I think it's the right thing to do. Also, can't believe you didn't enjoy Vegas. I am going in two weeks to bowl my sweeps. Our team is taking first place this year but not because of me. I actually bowled a 301 series a few weeks ago!!! Eating foods in color is different. I did a weight down workshop several years ago and it was all about eating eating half of what you would normally eat. I lost allot of weight only to put it on again :( Have a wonderful weekend. Get some rest!